NVENC 3d stereo packing issue

Hello! I am using NV Encoder to pack 3d-video into h264 format (side by side). I use NV_ENC_STEREO_PACKING_MODE_SIDEBYSIDE. But it gives no effect, the output file is the same as with MODE_NONE. Tried this mode with constQp and constBitrate. What correct params should I use to have effect of 3d-compression (side by side needed). Thank you!

Any updates?

Hello. Did anyone succeed using NV_ENC_H264_PROFILE_STEREO_GUID?

I’m fighting with lack of documentation here. When I set profileGUID=NV_ENC_H264_PROFILE_STEREO_GUID, encodeCodecConfig.h264Config.enableStereoMVC=true, and encodeCodecConfig.h264Config.stereoMode=NV_ENC_STEREO_PACKING_MODE_SIDEBYSIDE, the call toNvEncoderD3D11::EncodeFrame() hangs in WaitForCompletionEvent() in NvEncoder::GetEncodedPacket().

Can anyone give me a hint/an example on how to properly use NV_ENC_H264_PROFILE_STEREO_GUID?

Note that the same code with non-stereo settings above properly generates H.264 stream.

Hello there,
Just dealing with the same issue here. My implementation is in linux using a cuda session, but behavior is mostly same as described by Osicka.
Instead of blocking on wait for completion, it hangs in EncEncodePicture but I guess this is the same issue as the linux api does not implement async mode.

Osicka, I deal with the lack of documentation as well, but maybe we can feed each other back. how do you feed the input into the encoder? do you mark frames somehow?

To begin with, I experienced a crash when using the same number of streambuffers as in the mono version (I use lookahead + bframes) this crashed when attempting to read the output. After using double number of buffers I experienced the error described before.
Could it be that output bitstreams are locked until both images (left and right) are feed? are we missing something when feeding the API?

Maybe so. We used regular packing instead, at that moment we had no choice.

Luis, sorry for late answer. We have been in touch with Nvidia guys regarding this topic. Got confirmed that the hang with NV_ENC_H264_PROFILE_STEREO_GUID is caused by NvEnc engine, since NV_ENC_H264_PROFILE_STEREO_GUID is very old feature, untested and unused for very long time, they said. No update since then.