NvENC bBlitmode set to True on Jetson Xavier NX

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We have Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX and it is connected with 2 Intel Realsense D415 cameras. We are running Object Detection using the SSD-Mobilenet model and the model inference we are sending to the remote system using socket programming.

Jetson Xavier NX IP -
Remote System IP -

The remote system is the socket server and Jetson Xavier NX is the socket client.

After running this we are getting NvENC: bBlitmode set to true and the code is getting stuck and the jetson is not able to read input streams from the cameras which results in no inference

What is the root cause of NvENC: bBlitmode set to true and how can we solve this issue?

Please let us know if we could provide any more information.

The print is harmless. It is to indicate there is a layout conversion, from pitch lineat to blocklinear. It should not be the rootcause of getting stuck.

Are you able to try RTSP? Please refer to
Jetson Nano FAQ
[Q: Is there any example of running RTSP streaming?]

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