NVENC - Encoder Informations


are there informations available about the video encoder units on Tesla Boards?
About how much streams they support, in which resolution and frame rate? Is there a fallback to CPU encoding on Citrix VDA if all encoder units are busy?


Currently there is no CPU fallback for NVENC.
The encoding/decoding engines are mentioned here: https://developer.nvidia.com/video-encode-decode-gpu-support-matrix
In addition you need the performance overview for the specific chips.
Therefore you need to download the Video Codec SDK which contains the PDF documentation.

Thanks. The performance overview is for a resolution of 1080p. What can I expect from a encoding of two 1440p screens?

Calculate? Current numbers divided by 4 should come close. But do you really expect to have same content with 30fps for example on 2 screens?

So if a encoder can achieve about 600fps@1080p, the number of possible NVENC streams is this number divided by the average frame rate at this resolution?

And if the maximum frame rate exceeds, the frame rate drops for all session/streams?

Correct. Depending on the board (M60 for example) it is very unlikely to hit the encoder capacity but we’re working on a fallback scenario for a future GRID release anyway.