NVENC force a single NAL unit in output bitstream

Hi, I’m using live555 for streaming, which receives individual NAL units. Is it possible to force the NvEncoder to generate single nal units per encoded frame data?


Maybe there is a way to remove the start sequence (0x00 0x00 0x00 0x01) for streaming?

I’m also interested, there was a NVVE_CONFIGURE_NALU_FRAMING_TYPE parameter in the old CUDA encoder.
You can use ffmpeg for conversion (on CPU, but it is fast enough…)

nvenc outputs Annex B
See also:

So far my solution is to receive the encoded bitstream, and to search for the start sequence {0,0,0,1}, and then split into nal units before sending them for streaming. It would be best if the NVENC API provided pointers to NAL offsets, just as they do with sliceOffsets.

Thanks for the links!