Nvenc performance table question

In the table in NVENC Application Note :: NVIDIA Video Codec SDK Documentation at NVenc performance they referee to performance but they never specify what it actually is. Im assuming its 1080p fps that the numbers show?

Does anyone have any insight into this?

Thanks in advance.

Hello @freda82 , nice to read you again.

If you look at the documentation you linked, right below the table, you will find the measurement specs in detail. And you are correct:

  • Resolution/Input Format/Bit depth: 1920 × 1080/YUV 4:2:0/8-bit

I hope this helps!

Hi MarkusHoHo

Thanks for your replay.
However I can’t still see that the performance table is actually for fps anywhere in the document, for the NVdec performance table they explicitly specifies it to be in fps.

But for now I will assume its in FPS =)

Thanks again!

Indeed, it is not that clear from the doc. It is frames per second, I verified it. I take that as a reminder to ask the people in charge of the documentation to amend that bit.

Thank you!

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