NvEnc With FFMPEG use GPU scaling (scale_npp) : missing some closed caption Texts

I am facing issue while transcoding using “scale_npp” in complex filter of ffmpeg.
I have h264 ts file as a input and added closed caption support in nvenc to preserve captions.

Here in output , some captions text missing.
Is there any specific support/patch needs to add for (scale_npp) GPU scaling? When I use software scaling captions are proper in output but with scale_npp option, it causes a problem.

I have used patch to add caption support.
Here is patch commited in ffmpeg for nvenc. and add some logic in cuvid decoder to pass side data to encoder from cuvid decoder.

scale_npp is an option provided to do scaling on the surface of GPU instead of CPU scaling.

Ex. We can add option as below in ffmepg command.
-filter_complex “[0:v]yadif_cuda=1:-1:0,scale_npp=1920:1080:format=yuv420p[out1]”

My issue is here like when I use “scale_npp” in above patch , my captions in output affected(missing some text) , with CPU scaling option in the above patch it works.
Like CPU scaling option
“scale=-1:480” in stead of “scale_npp”.