nvEncDXGIOutputDuplicationSample creates PresentTSLog.txt instead of DDATest_0.h264

I am quite new to this and I was trying to just “run” the demo from https://github.com/NVIDIA/video-sdk-samples/tree/master/nvEncDXGIOutputDuplicationSample. When I run the code, it prints “DXGIOUTPUTDuplication_NVENC_Demo: Frames to Capture: 60.” and creates a .txt file called “PresentTSLog.txt”.
Wasn’t it supposed to be called DDATest_0.h264?

Hi @piero.fontanive and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.

The `PresentTSLog.txt" is an auxillary file to log timestamp information. It will also always be created.

Check the working directory in which you called the demo for the .h264 file. Make sure your system does not hide files with unknown file extensions and that you have write permission in the working directory.

If you run this in debug you should see progress or error information as well.

I hope that helps!

I checked and my system doesn’t hide files with unknown file extensions and I have full control over my working folder. DDATest_0.h264 just gets never created and “PresentTSLog.txt” is empty everytime I run the nvEncDXGIOutputDuplicationSample.exe with arguments “-frames 60”.
At this point, I don’t know whats the problem (maybe the fact that I’m using Optimus and not DGPU Mode?)

And you don’t get any error message or similar? Even if you don’t provide the -frames 60 argument (in which case it should default to capturing 60 frames as well).
That is weird.

On Windows it should not matter whether you have Optimus enabled or not as far as I know. Does nvidia-smi show normal data when you call it?

I will reach out to one of the Github repo maintainers and see if he has a good suggestion.

And please, could you share your system specs? Like what kind of Laptop, what are the system specs, what OS, what GPU, which driver version and which Visual Studio version.


And one more comment. The samples are now 4 years old. The most current working samples are part of the download package of the Video Codec SDK, which is at version 12.

But I did not check if there is a similar sample included that would do Screen recording.