NVEncodeFrame outputs two frames mixed together

Hi all,

I am using NVEncodeFrame to encode some raw YUV 422 video. It is progressive not interlaced. NVEncodeFrame outputs two frames mixed together. Every odd row is part of the first frame, every even row is part of the second. Additionally, the second frame is displayed with the first half of the frame second and the second half first.

I have tried setting the NVVE_SET_DEINTERLACE parameter and I have tried toggling the flags in the NVEncodeParams object that I pass in but to no avail. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this frustrating problem?

Thank you in advance,

Well, it seems that it wasn’t an interlacing problem at all despite appearances. It was a problem with the width of the frame that I had set earlier in the program. Oh well, live and learn.