NvEncoder version error


I just started to try the NVENC encoder (from Video_Codec_sdk 7.0.1) on a PC running Windows 10; the NVidia board is a quadro K620. Cuda SDK 8.0 was already installed and i used it without problem.

I’ve build successfully the samples of NVENC with VS2015CE, but when i run the NvEncoder project, i get an ‘NV_ENC_ERR_INVALID_VERSION (15)’ at the line code 1173:
nvStatus = nvEncodeAPICreateInstance(m_pEncodeAPI);
of the NvHWEncoder.cpp file.
But invalid version of what?
Can this NVENC sdk be used with Cuda Sdk 8?
Can a quadro K620 be used with NVENC?



I did another try of the NVENC encoder (from Video_Codec_sdk 7.0.1) on the same machine but after booting on another disk with Windows 8.1, VS2013CE and Cuda SDK 7.5.

Same error, for all the samples. The version of “nvEncodeAPI.dll” is on Windows 8, and on Windows 10.

Is there anybody here that can help me to start?


no one can help?

I’m getting the same error with:

  • CUDA 7.5
  • GeForce GTX Titan X
  • Windows 10
  • Video Codec SDK 7.0.1


As i’ve installed a new GeForce GTX 1060 in this pc and that the samples of NVENC work, we can conclude that the Quadro K620 board does not support NVENC.

I said that the GTX 1060 works, but Under Windows 8.1 only because under Windows 10 pro64, the installer refuses to instal the driver (372.54) and gives an error telling that “This driver is not compatible with this version of Windows” ! lol
But this is another issue outside the context of this forum; nevertheless, if someone has an idea, i would read it with pleasure.


There are different 372.54 driver packages. The installer for 372.54 on windows versions other than 10 is not the same as the installer for win10. what is the filename of the installer you are trying to use to install 372.54 on win10 for gtx1060 ?

Thanks for Reply Bob

i tried the installer file called: 372.54-desktop-win10-64bit-international-whql.exe

and i also tried via the GeForce Experience utility


For those interested: On Windows 7 Professional, using Quadro K620 driver version 390.65, I was successful in using NVENC with the NvEncoderD3DInterop sample. So yes, K620 works with NVENC.

Although I should know better than to Google drivers, as a suggestion, NVIDIA should invalidate pages of older drivers, and just put them in an archive. If you Google Quadro K620 windows 7 drivers, you get an official NVIDIA page with a 2014 driver (R340 U3 340.84).