NvEncOpenEncodeSessionEx: assertion failed: GStreamer +NVIDIA graphic card GT 710 + cent OS

I am a newbie to NVENC. I am using GT 710 GPU card, driver version 440.33.01, cuda tool-kit 10.0, sdk - Video_Codec_SDK_9.1.23 and OS- centos 7. All my driver,tool-kit and sdk installation were successful and gst-bad-plugins build also successful. I am using Gstreamer framework to create a simple pipeline to produce output stream using NVENC (nvh264enc) codec. But it is failed by throwing bellow mentioned error.

load_nvenc_library passed
Setting pipeline to PAUSED …
ERROR:gstnvenc.c:53:NvEncOpenEncodeSessionEx: assertion failed: (nvenc_api.nvEncOpenEncodeSessionEx != NULL)

why my call to encoding session fails.