nvEncRegisterResource is leaking device handle?

i am testing the officail SDK sample named AppEncD3D11 whih new nvidia driver 441.20.

NV_ENC_REGISTERED_PTR NvEncoder::RegisterResource(void *pBuffer, NV_ENC_INPUT_RESOURCE_TYPE eResourceType,
    int width, int height, int pitch, NV_ENC_BUFFER_FORMAT bufferFormat, NV_ENC_BUFFER_USAGE bufferUsage)
    registerResource.resourceType = eResourceType;
    registerResource.resourceToRegister = pBuffer;
    registerResource.width = width;
    registerResource.height = height;
    registerResource.pitch = pitch;
    registerResource.bufferFormat = bufferFormat;
    registerResource.bufferUsage = bufferUsage;
    NVENC_API_CALL(m_nvenc.nvEncRegisterResource(m_hEncoder, &registerResource));

    return registerResource.registeredResource;

after runing above code , the d3d11 device handle ref count will add by one , and will not release after encoder destory, which cause a device handle leak.

It seems old driver before 2019.5 don’t leaks, somebody could help me ?