I have encountered a weird problem as follows: when I hide all windows on the desktop and capture the desktop by NVFBC, the function NvFBCHWEncGrabFrame() always returns an error with NVFBC_ERROR_INVALIDATED_SESSION, even when recreate the NVFBC object. To get correct return message NVFBC_SUCCESS, there must be a mouse move message occur on active window

I cannot reproduce this (with NvFBCToSys). Try to enable GRID "logs". It disclosure many internals errors and fails that are masked by generic error return. See "NVIDIA Capture SDK Programming Guide.pdf" page 64 - "4.1.4. Enabling generation of textual logs" - I am using "NVFBCLog=42" (answer to life, the universe, and everything).

I have encoutered the same problem.

I´m trying to run the SKD´s samples on a Windows Server 2016 - Tesla M60 - Cuda SDK 8.0.

I also don´t understand how to enable those logs. Is that on the terminal? A confile file?

Thank you in advance.