NVFlash failed on T20 DevKit Tegra 250 Ventana

Hi everyone,

I’m currently stuck with a strange problem.

I wanted to reinstall one of my devkit but it seems that is no longer possible.

Indeed the process is ok until it try to update the bootloader on the card.

NVFlash is waiting for bootloader initialize, but then, nothing happen, even if I’m waiting.

I’ve made this operations many time before without any problem, and the NVFlash is not throwing any kind of error message.

So if anyone have a clue it’ll be apreciate :D

And there you got additional informations:

arkam@zero:~/Téléchargements/nvidia/Linux_for_Tegra$ sudo ./bootloader/nvflash --bct ./bootloader/ventana/BCT/ventana_A03_12MHz_EDB8132B1PB6DF_300Mhz_1GB_emmc_THGBM1G6D4EBAI4.bct --setbct --configfile ./bootloader/ventana/cfg/gnu_linux_fastboot_emmc_full.cfg --create --odmdata 0x30098011 --bl ./bootloader/ventana/u-boot.bin --go
Nvflash v1.13.87205 started
chip uid from BR is: 0x0000000000000000161c10c443e09197
rcm version 0X20001
System Information:
   chip name: t20
   chip id: 0x20 major: 1 minor: 2
   chip sku: 0x8
   chip uid: 0x0000000000000000161c10c443e09197
   macrovision: disabled
   hdcp: enabled
   jtag: enabled
   sbk burned: false
   dk burned: false
   boot device: nand
   operating mode: 3
   device config strap: 0
   device config fuse: 0
   sdram config strap: 0

sending file: ./bootloader/ventana/BCT/ventana_A03_12MHz_EDB8132B1PB6DF_300Mhz_1GB_emmc_THGBM1G6D4EBAI4.bct
- 4080/4080 bytes sent
./bootloader/ventana/BCT/ventana_A03_12MHz_EDB8132B1PB6DF_300Mhz_1GB_emmc_THGBM1G6D4EBAI4.bct sent successfully
odm data: 0x30098011
downloading bootloader -- load address: 0x108000 entry point: 0x108000
sending file: ./bootloader/ventana/u-boot.bin
- 286260/286260 bytes sent
./bootloader/ventana/u-boot.bin sent successfully
waiting for bootloader to initialize

Try replacing --bl ./bootloader/ventana/u-boot.bin with --bl ./bootloader/ventana/bootloader.bin in your nvflash command line. As far as I remember, Nvidia’s u-boot fork does not implement Nv3p protocol used by nvflash. Note that this is only to specify flashing bootloader. The actual bootloader is specified in the .cfg file under [EBT] partition (usually 4)

I just try and it’s not working neither :-(

But thanks for the CFG Trick about the bootloader, I’ll use it as soon as my board will work.

But here the thing that I don’t understand, is that NVFlash seems to wait for the bootloader to start or load (because as soon as I deconnect the USB Connector NVFlash complain that Bootloader can’t be loaded).

I try to load the last L4T release on my Devkit, it is possible that the problem come from the BCT file?

Can you just try running the native flashing script:
sudo ./flash.sh ventana mmcblk0p1
If you want u-boot, you can specify it as:
sudo ./flash.sh -L bootloader/ventana/u-boot.bin ventana mmcblk0p1

Please, post output. Another thing that helps is using a serial terminal attached to Ventana UART connector (use 115200, N, 8, 1)