Nvfortran missing compile-time simplification for IBCLR

The following code is rejected unless the declaration involving IBCLR is commented out:

  integer, parameter :: y = ibset(9,3)                ! accepted
  integer, parameter :: z = iand (9, not(ibset(0,3))) ! accepted
  integer, parameter :: x = ibclr(9,3)                ! rejected by nvfortran??
  print *, x
  print *, y, z
  print *, ibclr(9,3) ! non-simplified (runtime) IBCLR works...
end program

For all tested versions of nvfortran I get:

NVFORTRAN-S-0155-Intrinsic not supported in initialization: ibclr (pgibug.f90: 3)

It seems this particular bit intrinsic has been forgotten when implementing simplifications…


Thanks Harold. I added an RFE (TPR #31870) and sent it to engineering for review.