Nvfortran/nvc problem with ISO_Fortran_binding.h

i seem to always get zero values from elements of the CFI_cdesc_t struct
include <stdio.h>
include <ISO_Fortran_binding.h>
int rank_2018(CFI_cdesc_t *this){
fprintf(stderr,“version = %8.8x, rank = %d, element length = %ld\n”, this->version, this->rank, this->elem_len) ;
return this->rank ;
from Fortran :
function rank_2018(this) result(r) BIND(C, name=‘rank_2018’)
integer, intent(IN), dimension(…) :: this
integer :: r
end function
end interface

Hi mfvalin,

Fortran 2018 C Interoperability (CFI) support is in the process of being added. Though it looks like we’re expecting this to be added in our up coming 23.9 release.


thank you vey much for this quick answer.
as soon as 23.9 is released, i will rerun my test