Nvfortran unable to find intrinsic bit manipulation functions in device code

Hi All,

I’ve been trying to construct z-order curves on the GPU using the mvbits function. However, every time I try to compile code with mvbits being used in a device or global subroutine/function, I get the error
NVFORTRAN-S-1253-Calls from device code to a host subroutine/function are not allowed - mvbits

A simple dummy case that won’t compile with the use of mvbits is

module kernel

    use cudafor

    integer, parameter:: nbits=10


    attributes(global) subroutine cell2hash(input, output)

        implicit none
        integer, intent(in):: input(:)
        integer, intent(out):: output(:)
        integer:: d, i

        i = blockDim%x*(blockIdx%x - 1) + threadIdx%x
        output(i) = 0
        call mvbits(input(i), 0, 1, output(i), 0)

    end subroutine cell2hash

end module kernel

program bittest

    use kernel

    implicit none
    integer, managed:: data(32), dataout(32)
    integer:: i

    do i = 1, 32
        data(i) = i
    end do

    call cell2hash<<<1, 32>>>(data, dataout)

end program bittest

The documentation says that mvbits should be available, so I’m not sure why this isn’t working.

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I tested the above code with nvfortran 23.1 both with --gpu=cuda11.8 and --gpu=cuda12.0 and got the same results.

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It does look like it is missing for device code for all of our Fortran GPU compilers. I will open a bug for this.

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Thanks @bleback
I tested a few other bit manipulation subroutines, and they were missing as well. Not sure if I was unlucky, or all of them are missing.

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I’ve tried btest, ibits, and ibset, and those seem to be there. What others did you find missing?

@bleback I tested them all again and they’re all there. I may have mistakenly tried to use them as subroutines rather than as functions. Only mvbits is missing.