NVHPC 20.7-2 nvfortran/pgfortran-Error-Please run makelocalrc to complete your installation


I installed nvhpc 20.7-2 in a ubuntu 20.04 computer with no error message, but when I try to run both nvfortran or pgfortran, it shows the error message “pgfortran-Error-Please run makelocalrc to complete your installation”.
Please, what should I do?

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Do you do a network or single system installation? For a network install, the configuration file (localrc) is run the first time the compiler is executed on a system (and named “localrc.sysname”). However, this requires write access to the compiler’s bin directory hence the problem may be a permission issue.

Try running

makelocalrc -x

by from the command line and see if there are any error messages.

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It is a single laptop installation. Should I try runnin the command?

Yes please. I want to see if there’s any error messages with the creation, or if there was just a problem with the install.

Now it is working.