Nvida Xavier NX custom carrier board ethernet

I am designing a custom PCB for the Xavier NX and I need to create a custom ethernet connector (I cannot use std ethernet connector). In the default carrier board design, they use ethernet connections with magnetics for PoE connections. My question is if I can connect directly the GbE Transformer Data 0 to 4 directly to the 8 connectors of the standard ethernet, this connection will be a point-to-point connection between to PCB so will not be expose to a regular ethernet connection.

Hi ivanrodriguezferrandez,

We’re not sure whether you want to remove the transformer and connect the data of two PHYs directly or you want to connect the signals after transformers directly to bypass the ethernet cable?

Please attach the block diagram showing what you want to do.


Hi ivanrodriguezferrandez,

Any update?
Please attach the block diagram showing what you want to do.

Hi sorry for the delay.
This is the original desing for the NX carrier board

In this example is using the A70-112-331N126 that is an ethernet POE connector. The connections in the NX modules is design to control the GbE Transformer in order to have Ethernet with POE.

My question is that I want to connect the 8 ethernet connections (the 4 plus connections and 4 minus for the transformers). So instead of using an interface with a transformers for the POE I want to use a direct connection. In my case the GBE_MDIX_N and GBE_MDIX_P will be connected directly to the 8 wires of the ethernet connection.

The original design will be something like this.

In my design I want to do this.

to not use the transformers in my desing

I don’t think it can work without transformer as its voltage level is not compatible.

any idea of an module that have the transformer separated from the Rj45 connector?

Hi I just found a solution in this post. ( for the magnetics)

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