NVIDIA 3060 not used by Ubuntu 22.04 : driver on't even see graphic card

I’ve bought recently my new gaming laptop (Legion 5 with Ryzen 5 5600h, nvidia RTX 3060 Mobile / Max-Q) that I think you can find pretty easily if needed.
I installed Windows then Ubuntu 22.04 on it as I play and work on my machine, and as a dev linux is more than usefull.
My laptop has no problem over running windows 11, but since idk like 2 or 3 months it’s verrrry slow when running my ubuntu. I thought it could be because of lack of space (disk) but the 100GB partition is only at 60% capacity (shown in disks app).
disk.png in the zip
I tried changing the driver, as this is the second source of problem that came to my mind. I was running with X. Org X Server, and switching with nvidia-driver-525-open, nvidia-driver-525-server or currently nvidia-driver-515-open didn’t change a thing, apart that with nvidia drivers ubuntu is not able to recognize my second screen anymore (still works if i change to X. Org, but the slowiness (excuse my english) keeps me from using it anyway)
(drivers.png in the zip)
I searched for solutions many times now, but nothing worked for now.
I went through these steps (forums nvidia link)/t/system-not-using-nvidia-graphics-card-despite-driver-being-installed/76555/2 seeing generix save someone for the thousand time, but nothing helped. I even switched to lightdm, removed “quiet splash” from my grub config file, but yet no evolution.

Additionnal infos :
→ My system does not seems to be using my RTX as shown here : system.png in the zip
→ some commands returns : some-commands.png
→ Luminosity won’t change (bloqued, no matter how I change the setting)
→ Nvidia driver don’t recognize a thing : nvidia.png in the zip
→ bug report : nvidia report archive in the zip
→ I already disabled safe boot
→ pls save me, my mouse is slow, or disappear, when an app doesn’t crash my laptop, keeping me from dying of boredom

ZIP FILE with images and report :
my-problem.zip (361.6 KB)
I can’t send many images in one report so i send Zip

Through my tries I felt against something troubling (that may have no link with the problem but I’ll put it here anyway, never knows ; I tried a basic apt install, that worked before and it pushed me away telling me to execute command “dpkg -configure -a”, which forced me to set up a password for “secure boot”, I didn’t understand everything but hey, I don’t always get everything with linux :(

You have a hybrid graphics amd/nvidia notebook and both drivers are defunct.
amdgpu is missing, did you blacklist it? Please enable it again.
nvidia: Wrong driver. Please use Software & Updates to switch to the non “-open” driver version.

I have not blacklist anything.

Switching to driver 470 without -open made ubuntu fully recognize my graphic card, that now appears in GUI system settings, and driver app. It troubles me because I’m certain that I already tried this driver, but I guess steps I followed between my last try with the driver and now worked.

Still, I am not able to change luminosity, but I will look for solutions on the internet.

You make me think that I have deleted a file named “10-nvidia.conf” in folder /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/
But the problem was already here : deleting this file didn’t change my problem at the moment.

PS : second now works again, and mouse isn’t slow anymore. Generix, the savior of linux users !

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