NVIDIA 340.x/390.x driver crashing in FreeBSD 13.0

Hello.I have a PNY Verto GeForce GT 430 2048MB card. On the FreeBSD forums I was told to build/install the 390.x driver from ports. I did that. Using gnome as a window manager, it would work good for a while but my display would hang at random intervals, with a black screen and two white/greyish rectangles spaced a few inches apart, forcing me to restart. I was told the 340.x port might work better. So I tried that. It seemed to work for longer without hanging, but eventually did the same thing as before at a random point. I am using the FreeBSD 13.0 release. Could you provide some insight as to why this is happening and any stable solutions and / or workarounds / fixes so that my card is compatible with the OS? Thank you.