Nvidia 495 does not advertise AR24/XR24 as SHM formats as required by Wayland/wlroots

wlroots asserts that ‘argb8888’ (ar24) and “xrgb8888” (xr24) are advertised SHM formats, however, the stable 495 driver only advertises:

 XB24 AB24 BG24 RX12 RA12 RX15 RA15 RG16 XB4H AB4H 

Hence, users having to comment out some asserts in wlroots.

Interestingly, DMA-BUF formats included the necessary ones:

AB24 XB24 R8   RG88 UYVY AB4H AR24 AS24 XS24 XR24 RG16 AR30 R101 R100 AB30 B101 B100 YU12 NV12 NV21 NV16 NV24 P010 P210 P012 HD01 UHD0 

Is this planned to be fixed?


Bump. Is there a better way to get/give feedback on the driver to Nvidia Linux folks?

It also very likely may be a bug in wlroots that I’m unqualified to investigate.

I tried running sway-git and wlroots-git on the new 510.39.01 Beta and it seems to run fine. No asserts as far as I can tell.
Not sure if the driver update fixed it or an sway/wlroots update.

Worth checking out for you if updating sway/wlroots helps or the new driver.

Thanks! I think I saw some work going into the egl area of wlroots and I’ve tested again and everything works great without patching. Cheers

Just for the record, sway 1.7 and wlroot 0.15 with nvidia 510 beta drivers still fails on argb8888 and xrgb8888. This commit on wlroots fixed the problem, that is why sway-git and wlroots-git works. The guy explains in the commit that the reason it fails on wlroots 0.15 is because the nvidia driver doesn’t support EXT_read_format_bgra.

So, next version of wlroots should work fine with the nvidia driver.

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