Nvidia 510.47.03 driver recommending `nvidia-prime` in Ubuntu PPA

However, nvidia-prime is in conflict with system76-power (Pop!_OS).

This is not anything new, but for those using Pop!_OS, system76-power is a hard dependency, and thus nvidia-prime cannot be installed.

How soon can we expect an updated package without this requirement? Additionally, being that this issue has been around for several years now, can we address this such that future driver releases won’t break system upgrades?

The packages are built by Ubuntu/Canonical, bot by Nvidia.

For some reason I was under the impression that these were built by Nvidia because they are proprietary. I will take this discussion to Canonical, then.

I don’t think Canonical is the correct address for this, either. I guess you’re using System76’s PopOS, which is built ontop of Ubuntu, so System76 is responsible for not colliding with the stock ubuntu packages. Something like using the “alternatives” system or similar.