NVidia 525 vs 515 REGRESSION of 5k Resolution 60Hz Refresh

Ubuntu 22.04, Dell U4021QW (5k Display), Quadro P4000

The NVidia 525 driver does NOT work with the Dell 5k x 2k display resolution at 60 hz.

The NVidia 515.86.01 DOES work properly, including auto detecting 60 hz automatically.

Reinstall of both drivers, same result. Using the 525 causes a loss of 60 Hz for 5k x 2k resolution, and only shows 30 Hz available. Downgrading back to the 515.86.01 automatically re-enables 60 Hz, including auto detecting it.

NVidia settings shows 4 lanes @ 5.40 Gbps in the 515 driver. Same exact hardware with the 525 driver only shows 2 lanes, which in turn limits the refresh to 30 hz.

Posting here, hopefully someone can fix this regression as I have some features in the 525 I would like to be able to use, but I can’t endure a 30 Hz refresh. :D

I think you have the same problem as me: