Nvidia 530, 535 driver breaks docker rootless mode in ubuntu 22.04

Installing nvidia driver 530, 535 (or cuda 12.1.1) upgrades the kernel to the 5.19.0-1010-nvidia-lowlatency.
Then the rootlesskit command failed, and docker rootless mode also failed.

How to reproduce:

  1. Clean installation of ubuntu 22.04 server.
  2. Upgrade to the kernel 5.19.0-1010-nvidia-lowlatency and reboot. (Or just install cuda 12.1.1)
sudo apt install linux-image-5.19.0-1010-nvidia-lowlatency linux-headers-5.19.0-1010-nvidia-lowlatency
  1. test with the command ‘rootlesskit bash’ and the output:
rootlesskit bash
[rootlesskit:parent] error: failed to start the child: fork/exec /proc/self/exe: permission denied

(The rootlesskit command is shipped with docker-ce-rootless-extras package. or Release v1.1.1 · rootless-containers/rootlesskit · GitHub )

Sorry about the confusion. I cannot reproduce how 5.19.0-1010-nvidia-lowlatency kernel can be installed. Please close this thread because the driver itself is not responsible for the 5.19.0-1010-nvidia-lowlatency kernel.

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