NVIDIA 980 connected via Display Port DPMS not triggering monitor power off

Hi there,

I have an NVIDIA 980 which is connected to two Dell U2710 monitors via display port. Currently, neither monitor is able to enter a full standby power saving state when using xset dpms force off.

Both these monitors used to enter the full power off state when connected to an ATI 6970 via display port (the 980 replaced this card). Lock screens and screen savers have all been disabled.

Using xrandr --output DP-6 --off will force the monitor/s off but its not an elegant fix.

Checking the EDID outputs shows the card is getting the data and picking up that DPMS off is supported.

Any thoughts?

OS = openSUSE 13.2 (fresh install)
Card = EVGA Nvidia 980
Driver = 346.72
XOrg = 1.16.1

Nvidia bug output and edid dumps of both monitors attached.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (108 KB)
edid.tar.gz (594 Bytes)

This generally indicates a bug in the monitor’s firmware. The DisplayPort specification requires monitors to power off when the source device sends it a command to power off, but some monitors ignore that. In response to a DPMS request, the NVIDIA driver sends the power off command but doesn’t drop the link unless you request that the output be turned off completely (e.g., with xrandr --off). I don’t know how other drivers behave, so I can’t comment on why they would behave differently.

I am having this issue just recently with my 980 Ti and DisplayPort monitor. It actually worked correctly prior to the big update (version 355). It works just fine in Windows with the latest drivers as well.

I have exactly the same problem, I have two monitors, DVI and DP, and recently the one with DP is not able to power off via DPMS. It was working fine with previous drivers. It’s extremely annoying.

The worst thing is that Arch Linux does not allow me to downgrade drivers without downgrading kernel. So I have to chose if I want a new kernel or save on electricity.

This is still a problem with 358.09. "xset dpms force " doesn’t work. It appears to start going into sleep mode but then immediately comes back to a black, but on, screen.

related to: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/791786/linux/dpms-not-working-on-gtx980-with-displayport-connection/

Hi, so I tried with a GTX980 and a RTX2080 same issue. No problem in windows. No problem with the screen when using DVI or HDMI. Only DP, when xset force off is used, the screen turns off and then after roughly 10 seconds the backlit turns on again and stays on.