NVIDIA A40 PathThrough - OpenGL is stuck at 1.1

Hello Everyone.

It has been a week I am struggling with making the 4x A40s that I have to work on ESXi 7. based on VMWare, the model of the server and board that I have supports ESXi7 and 6.7U3. yet, even when installed ESXi7 and windows server 2019 is prepared, it shows supported OpenGL1.1 .
ESXi 8 was installed and it was showing OpenGL3.1
Installed other ESXi versions, all of them were showing OpenGL1.1 when checking with GPU-Z.
PathThrough is enabled for PCIE devices.
Boot option: efi
The VM boots normally, and the GPU driver is installed.
Has anyone experienced this issue?

Check device manager for code 43 or similar.

Hello I have a similar problem. I’m working with an HPE server that has an Nvidia Quadro A4 GPU that runs under windows server 2022. I connect to the server trough RemoteDesktopProtocol of microsoft.
When I try to run programs that requiere OpenGL I have this same error. I have the impression that the OS doesn’t recognize the OpenGL of the graphic card. Please could you give us some insight on how to solve this issue?
Thank you.
This is a screenshot of Blender:
Blender error screenshot
This is the detailed description of the setup:
Nvidia a40 setup.txt (1.7 KB)