NVIDIA A40 PathThrough - OpenGL is stuck at 1.1

Hello Everyone.

It has been a week I am struggling with making the 4x A40s that I have to work on ESXi 7. based on VMWare, the model of the server and board that I have supports ESXi7 and 6.7U3. yet, even when installed ESXi7 and windows server 2019 is prepared, it shows supported OpenGL1.1 .
ESXi 8 was installed and it was showing OpenGL3.1
Installed other ESXi versions, all of them were showing OpenGL1.1 when checking with GPU-Z.
PathThrough is enabled for PCIE devices.
Boot option: efi
The VM boots normally, and the GPU driver is installed.
Has anyone experienced this issue?

Check device manager for code 43 or similar.