nvidia.aiaa.error.101 on Auto Segmentation MITK


I have already installed the aiaa nvidia Server on a linux machine and some pre-trained Liver Segmentation and Annotation models. The annotation tool with specific points works like a charm on MITK. But unfortunately the Auto Segmentation Tool does not work. I have uploaded 2 segmentation models on the server and MITK can read them perfectly, but when i execute the segmentation, process stuck on the curlutils.cpp:155 request path and then an error occurs (nvidia.aiaa.error.101 failed to cummunicate to AIAA Server - failed to execute ‘segmentation’ on Nvidia AIAA Server).
Could you please provide me some feedback in order to solve this problem? Thanking you in advance!


You said you already installed the AIAA server.
If you check in you browser (like firefox or chrome)
Check this url: “

Did you see any models in that webpage?

If you do see models then you are good on that part.

And I also want to know where do you run your MITK client,
is it on a Windows machine?
Or using same linux machine

How to get the Nvidia AI-Assisted Annotation/Server URI in MITK workbench

Hi yuantingh,

Yes i can see all my models on this url: “

I am using a windows version of MITK on an external PC using port forwarding. As i said, the annotation tool works fine, but the Auto Segmentation tool not. The interesting part is that the auto segmantation tool works just fine if i manually upload the NIFTI 3D images from this URL:” and execute the process… So is there a bug in MITK?

Thanks for your reply…

I had the same problem and for increasing the Server Timeout in MTIK’s Nvidia AI-Assisted Annotation option fixed it.

Good catch @biehler,
that might be the case,

Do you want to try that @ikarolosd3o64?

Yes but unfortunately the same issue…