Nvidia and VMWare DRS Cluster

Hey All

We are running a Dell VX-Rail Cluster with 8 Nodes.
And we have Tesla M10 Cards in all the Nodes.
We have DRS disabled at the moment since Nvidia dont support VMWare DRS in the Cluster when Nvidia Cards are present.

We are running Nvidia driver version = NVIDIA-GRID-vSphere-6.7-418.92-426.04

When will Nvidia support this feature?
And the second question is, If we enabel DRS cluster in VMWare, but we will let the VM`s that are running with GPU cards, be excluded from DRS, will that work?

Just to be clear: VMWare doesn’t support DRS with GPUs. You should ask VMWare when the feature will be available. We cannot comment on features from 3rd party software.

I can read in the Nvidia driver release documents, that the feature is not yet supported.
Can Nvidia tell when is will be supportet, or is it only VMWare that can give this information?


As Simon mentions above, you’ll need to raise this with VMware. You can either try with your VMware AM or try posting on the VMware forums to see if anyone there has some information on it.