Nvidia Assets Size (Vegetation)

I am trying to set up a large scene with a lot of vegetation. I want to use the Nvidia assets from the asset browser, and the paint tool along with it. Unfortunately, when I drag an asset to the scene or use the paint tool, the plants do not correspond to the scenes scale.

My scene uses a setting of 1 meter per unit (not 0.01).

Thanks for any help

Yes - This is current expected behavior - Since the NVIDIA Asset browser is curated for the USD Composer (Former Create) app. We are working on having it automatically scale the assets as they are imported in a different stage scale, but for the time being you’d need to perform the scaling manually. One handy way of doing it is having a 0.01 scaled Xform that you drag your asset into when importing, then it will automatically be scaled. (but position will always be at the origin of this new xform - can’t have it all :( )

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