nvidia card benchmarks for GPU?

We have two slots on our system to fill more more GPU awesomeness.

Currently we run two gtx 570’s. I was reading how the 590 gtx is doubled up. But I cant seem to find any benchmarks to compare cards.

Can someone help me make a smart decision here? We do a lot of analytics, no rendering of anything.

Much appreciated :)

My usual metrics for comparing devices are FLOPS and memory bandwidth. This works especially well if you are comparing devices with the same GPU architecture, as is the case for comparing the GTX 570 to the 590. The quoted specs are always peak values you never achieve in practice, but the relative values between cards are a pretty good indicator.

This is a handy source for these specs:


Based on that, a GTX 570 provides 1405 GFLOPS and 152 GB/sec device memory, whereas each half of a GTX 590 provides 1244 GFLOPS and 164 GB/sec. So depending on how the ratio of memory operations to floating point is in your kernel, the two CUDA devices in a GTX 590 will either be slightly faster or slightly slower than a pair of GTX 570s.

From a price perspective, the pair of GTX 570s is probably still better. The typical price for a GTX 590 is more than double that of a GTX 570, and (like most dual GPU cards NVIDIA releases) they tend to be in extremely short supply. Newegg has been sold out for some time, and many of the vendors I see that claim to have stock are charging $750 and up.

However, the GTX 590 takes up half the space of a pair of GTX 570s, so if cramming more GPUs into your computer is important, the price premium might be worth it.