Nvidia cards that are no longer recommended by Premiere Pro

I’ve been happily using Quadro 4000 cards in my Mac Pros up until the release of Premiere Pro 2015, then began to encounter problems like pixelated artifacs on my screen and poor performance. I have been diligent about keeping drivers up to date. I am still using my Quadro 4000 sometimes in open cl sometimes in cuda mode, but encounter problems daily. My question is what is the status of still using Quadro 4000 cards in the latest release of PPro (2017) And if I have to purchase new cards, what do you recommend?

Mac Pro 5,1
2-6 Core processors
128 GB RAM
Mac OSX 10.10.5

Hi Brian,
Please feel free to contact me at pkirst@nvidia.com

At this time have you tried our 367.15.10.45f01 with your Quadro 4000?
Is there a specific reason regarding your system using 10.10.5 ? Please let us know.

Regarding your question about purchasing newer cards. The Quadro K5000 for Mac is recommended and approved by Adobe.