nVidia CG open-source release?

Nvidia cg used to be a language for generating shaders, which today Nvidia have deprecated.
Back in 2002, Nvidia released a open source version of the compiler to a generic target.
Today, there still online resources (and university courses) uses that still uses it (probably also legacy projects).
With the current Nvidia being more open than previous years (like with the kernel or the Physx), would Nvidia consider releasing nvcg as open source?
It would potentially enable the community to keep it’s core alive and extending it like a CUDA or Vilkan driver.

Hi there @christian.rendina and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.

I am sorry to disappoint you, but this is something that will not happen. For one thing it will be difficult to even find all the engineers that would be needed to bring the code base into shape so that it would even be possible to release it as Open Source. The project was moved to maintenance mode more than 12 years ago. The amount of work this would require stands in no relation to the actual gain for the community, simply because technology has advanced so much since then.

I like your sentiment and can understand the interest in this, so let me thank you for that!