How to compile this project???

I compile this source code on xavier,i got the following logs.

nvidia@GEMI:~/Apollo/apollo_new/nvidia-container-runtime$ ls
base hook LICENSE Makefile README.md runtime testing
nvidia@GEMI:~/Apollo/apollo_new/nvidia-container-runtime$ make
The command ‘/bin/sh -c set -eux; arch="(uname -m)"; case "{arch##*-}" in x86_64 | amd64) ARCH=‘amd64’ ;; ppc64el | ppc64le) ARCH=‘ppc64le’ ;; *) echo “unsupported architecture” ; exit 1 ;; esac; wget -nv -O - https://storage.googleapis.com/golang/go${GOLANG_VERSION}.linux-${ARCH}.tar.gz | tar -C /usr/local -xz’ returned a non-zero code: 1
Makefile:13: recipe for target ‘ubuntu14.04’ failed
make[1]: *** [ubuntu14.04] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory ‘/home/nvidia/Apollo/apollo_new/nvidia-container-runtime/base’
Makefile:25: recipe for target ‘base-ubuntu14.04’ failed

Hi luoxiafeng1990,

Welcomme to Jetson & Embedded Systems, you should be able to find information from L4T document: https://docs.nvidia.com/jetson/l4t/index.html#page/Tegra%2520Linux%2520Driver%2520Package%2520Development%2520Guide%2Fkernel_custom.html%23

Please also file issue with English manner, then other developers could help if have experience.