Nvidia Control Panel Settings Backup - Does only nvdrsdb0.bin work and not nvdrsdb1.bin?

I found that importing nvdrsdb0.bin does restore global settings, but nvdrsdb1.bin which is meant for program specific settings does not do anything.

For example I have certain games I just wanted to set to use my dGPU instead of my iGPU automatically and that’s pretty much the only configuration I want saved. When I import nvdrsdb1.bin none of the games I set to use dGPU manually apply.

In that case does importing nvdrsdb0.bin only work and you have to use nvidia inspector to import program specific settings?

Additionally what does “Export all driver profiles” do? Does it work to import global and program specific settings like a whole package or does it do something else?

Is there no way to specifically import global settings from nvidia inspector, or does “Export all customized profiles” also import global settings?

You may get better results posting on the geforce forum