Nvidia cuda cudnn devel docker container license - distribution?

I am uncertain of the terms of the license. I am being told that a person could not, for example, use the cudnn devel ubuntu 20.04 image as a base and compile OpenCV with cuDNN. The resulting image can not be distributed to anyone at all to utilize?

Sorry if it seems obvious I just cant understand the wording clearly.

  1. LICENSE. Subject to the terms of this license, NVIDIA hereby grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable license, without the right to sublicense (except as expressly provided in this license) to: a. Install and use copies of the CONTAINER, and modify and create derivative works of samples or example source code delivered in the CONTAINER (if applicable), to develop and test services and applications, b. Deploy the CONTAINER on infrastructure you own or lease to offer a service to third parties, without distributing the CONTAINER or exposing the NVIDIA APIs in the CONTAINER directly to such service users, and c. Develop and extend the CONTAINER to create a Compatible (as defined below) derived CONTAINER that includes the entire CONTAINER plus other software with primary functionality, to develop and compile applications, and distribute such derived CONTAINER to run applications, subject to the distribution requirements indicated in this license. As used in this section, “Compatible” means that extensions to the CONTAINER must not adversely affect the functionality of the other components in the CONTAINER.

Option c. seems to say we can extend and distribute the container?