Nvidia DDS tools photoshop error "Height must be a power of two"

Hi, I am new here so I don’t know if this is the correct place to share my issue, so forgive me if I am posting in the wrong place and also I am new to photoshop and the Nvidia DDS tools,
The problem is that I have been getting an error after saving a DDS file using volume texture, it tells me first “height must be a power of two” and “Depth must be a power of two, width must be the same as height”
It only happens when I enable volume texture, does anyone know the issue
I have tried resizing the file but still no help, I don’t know why it has been doing this
I would really appreciate any help as this has been driving me nuts

Hi jsoba77100,

It looks like in the legacy Texture Tools (as volume textures aren’t in the new Texture Tools Exporter yet), this error shows up whenever the depth (i.e. the width of the 2D image divided by the height of the 2D image) is not a power of 2. For instance, a 256 pixel-wide by 8192 pixel-tall image would be OK, as 8192/256 = 32, which is a power of 2.

From the screenshot, it looks like the image might be representing a volume with a depth of 33, which might be the issue - if so, resizing and cropping the image so that it has a width and height that is a power of 2 might work.

Hope this helps!

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I will try this out, thanks for the response mate!

I tried it and it didn’t work unfortunately


Would it be possible to post the dimensions of the image? From the screenshot, it looks like the image has 33 instead of 32 slices again. Thanks!