NVIDIA DDS w/ CS6 Emission Bug

I was working with textures on a modset handed down to me. When I recompiled all of the textures to improve mipmap LOD, every texture was “emissive” or “self emitting” for those who work with 3DS Max. I ran through everything; I went over the models for hours thinking it was an embedded self-emission, I went over textures, ran through GIMP, found that the RGB layers were transparent. After decompiling and compiling the RGB in GIMP and loaded the PSD again - I began the process anew, and still the same problem.

I ended up reverting to the older versions of the textures on the public version for now. I’ve ran through every export setting except for the more advanced sub-menu’s. This particular engine requires DXT5 Interpolated Alpha. There are some things I know, and some I don’t.

All alpha layers were disabled in the update process, then deleted during this hotfix attempt, all emission layers were removed, all specularity maps were removed, and so forth. Has anyone else experienced similar?

And if not, let’s work on this so that other users with the same issues can find a solution!!