NVIDIA DeepStream Contractors

Hi all,

I’m looking for companies doing outsourced development on top of DeepStream.

The project involves receiving a video panoramic ((7.680x2.160) video stream in RTSP / RTMP, do some object detection / tracking (no available model, will have to be done), cropping the video to standard 4K proportion and finally restream it using RTMP.

As an option, final stream could be in 1080 or even 720, thus final video downsizing could be needed. Also, as most usual final video quality would be 1080, might be better to receive the stream as 2xFull HD instead of as 2x4K.

Original video stream is already stitched and dewarped by the camera itself.

If you are interested, please let me know and will share more details under MNDA

Thank you

Hi jnebrera,

You can also get the support from our partners, please find their info from : https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/community/ecosystem#sys_soft_dev_tools