NVIDIA Device selection

Which NVIDIA device can be used in machine on which Object detection algorithm can be deployed and can detect the multiple objects in milli seconds? (The inference time should be as low as possible)

Need to use in Manufacturing industry

Can you please suggest?
Thank you in advance

Hi @krutik.thakor,

The Jetson platform machines are the ideal devices for the task you are looking for, they also provide the Deepstream SDK that helps you to develop Vision AI applications (Object detection in your case) in those machines.
The inference time will depend on which machine you use and its performance, perhaps the Jetson Xavier NX could be a good option for you since it is a small and power-efficient embedded system that delivers high-performance AI inference, but you have a wide variety of options, you can take a quick look to the machines specs here.
In RidgeRun we have developed some applications for the Jetson platforms using the NVIDIA Deepstream SDK, for example you can take a look at this reference design which is an application for real-time capture systems and it offers milliseconds inference rates for Jetson machines.

Hope this helps!

Greivin Brenes
Embedded SW Engineer at RidgeRun

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