I’m sick and tired of waiting for your decent driver already. You always feed people with your beta and such that’s enough. Your half-a$$ card works like crap. I’m getting tearing even when web browsing. Your promised pcie 3 doesn’t work so fuck you then. Why did I even buy your card I don’t know. Fix your shit cause I’m sick and tired begging for a decent driver.
I’m getting tearing and freezes in linux and windows 7 that’s ridiculous.

Hi rusty1,

Thank you for your interest in NVIDIA; I’m very sorry you’re running into problems. If you could open separate threads about specific issues you’re having and follow all the steps described in the sticky topics, we would be able to attempt to assist you.

For the issue of tearing for partial updates in composited environments, we should be rolling out support for the GLX_EXT_buffer_age extension in an upcoming driver release. Adoption by composited window managers should help with any tearing problems.

Regarding the PCIe3 situation, please refer to this thread, which I’ll update whenever there is news on that front.


  • Pierre-Loup