Nvidia DIGITS DevBox has no video output

I recently inherited an older DevBox (16 Logical CPUs, 4x GTX 980, 128GB RAM) at my company. I’ve been using it over SSH via another machine and it works fine. But for whatever reason when I try to connect a monitor to it and use it directly it won’t output a video signal. Is there are specific way I have to boot it such that it outputs a physical video out signal?

Well, there are 4 different GPUs in there, each with a number of outputs. The console output may only show up at one of the ports, you’ll have to figure out which one. Once you’ve figured it out, you’ll need to be sure to have a keyboard connected to the machine, so that you can enter keystrokes into the console to get the display to turn on.

To some degree the behavior will vary depending on whether you have X running with a graphical desktop or not, but if you don’t have a GUI, the text console will still show up at one of the ports.

My guess is you haven’t tried the correct port, and/or you didn’t have e.g. a USB keyboard attached to “wake up” the console. The default idle console behavior is to eventually shut the display off, after an idle period.

The default port according to the user manual should be the ports at the very top of the stack. I did have a keyboard and mouse plugged in, although I don’t remember if I actually used it. I don’t believe that was the issue though, because I rebooted right after I plugged the monitor in. But I will try other ports and I will try typing or moving the mouse as well. Thanks

I just tried all of that. It still doesn’t have video output.

Put the monitor on one of the ports on the graphics card at the top of the stack.

Then reboot the machine. You should see the POST display (during booting) show up on that monitor. Do you?

Also, do you still have the original OS (Ubuntu 14.04) running on that machine?

If so, is Ubuntu GDM (lightdm) running?

Plugged the monitor into the top graphics card then rebooted. Nothing showed up during the booting process unfortunately. The OS is Ubuntu 16.04.2.

OK this is not a NVIDIA DIGITS DevBox. The NVIDIA devbox shipped with Titan GPUs and 64GB:


Therefore it means I don’t know what motherboard you have, and its entirely possible that your motherboard has a graphics/display output, and the display may be coming out that port. Or there may be some other GPU in that system.

It’s also possible that since this is not an actual NVIDIA DIGITS Devbox, that the slot enumeration order is different, and the “top” GPU slot is not the slot that contains the boot display device.

Ok I will try the reboot thing with all 4 GPU slots. Really appreciate the help by the way.

Does the motherboard have any sort of display output on it e.g. via a VGA connector on the motherboard, or similar?

If so, check there first

You were right in that it’s not a DevBox, but it was built to be an equivalent machine. The enclosure is the same as the DevBox that’s why I thought it was that. The GTX 980s are made by EVGA, I have no idea about the motherboard. I don’t know if I want to open the enclosure, but the only video port exposed by the enclosure are the 4 video card ones.