NVIDIA Display Container LS is using nearly all of my free RAM.

Hi there,

I have been experiencing what I described in the title.
Right now, NVIDIA Display Container LS is using 30% of my CPU and 12Gbs of RAM.
This is noticeable almost every time I boot my PC.
For example, as soon as my windows session started today, this process started claiming all my RAM. I don’t like killing processes, so I only kill this NVIDIA process if it misbehaves, but lately it misbehaves nearly every time I boot. I also often have to kill the process that spawns Display Container LS, because if I don’t, I might be playing a game just to have it crash on me because Display Container LS started up and began asking the system for every byte of RAM it could get it’s hands on.

I’m on Windows 10 with the newest NVIDIA drivers, which right now is 430.39

Please let me know what other details I can provide. I know I haven’t provided much, but I don’t know what other info will be relevant.

I’m having exactly the same issue.
You should try setting the properties of the NVIDIA Display Container LS to the startup type of manual in
the services app.
It does not seem to cause a major issue:

If anyone from Nvidia should read this (unlikey), your drivers are objectively utter shite compared to those from AMD.
I never had an issue with my AMD drivers and I also didn’t need to disable all those obnoxius features that the Nvidia drivers come with.
Why have I never heard of a program to disable AMD telemetry?
Oh, wait, I forgot, AMD doesn’t include trash like that.
These forums are also an utter pile of garbage, full with maniac like fanboys that are apparently unripe and probably in some kind of incestous relationship with the moderators here.

Never mind the first solution.
They actually released a hotfix, but how the hell are you supposed to know about that as a normal user?
Hopefully this fixes the issue…

You’re a sign that these forums have useful people too!