Nvidia Doesn't care about developers

They don’t. I woke up at 5am and was sitting there refreshing the page till 6am to order the GTX 1080 and right when it was available for purchase I clicked “Buy Now” but during checkout it said they were sold out. Before this last week I asked numerous times via chat and phone if game developers could have priority over these people that are just buying them to sell them on craigslist for $300 more! They are all over Craigslist now! Their answer was NO! They would rather sell them to people wanting to make a quick buck or rich kids that will use their new flagship GPU for Minecraft all summer. I can’t believe this. This is Nvidia we are talking about so I’m even more surprised. I’m a student and game developer that just sold his GTX 980 yesterday so I could get my GTX 1080 today so now I’m out of a GPU till they get more 1080s in stock which who knows how long that will be… It blows my mind how little Nvidia cares about developers.

That’s… hardly Nvidia not caring about Developers. The result is that they can’t take any special favorites. And who’s not to say that a developer wouldn’t do the same thing?