NVIDIA Drive AGX Ethernet PHY

Hello NVIDIA Team,

I wanted to confirm what revision of the marvell 1000BASE-T1 ethernet PHY chips you were using. In our HW we are currently using the Marvell 88Q2112 A1 chip. However I am aware of interoperability issues and the need to operate in Legacy mode for different chip revisions to talk to each other. Does the NVIDIA DRIVE AGX support interoperability between the versions? What version of the 88Q2112 chip are you building with in the Drive AGX?

Attached is an image that shows the Marvell ethernet 88Q2112 interoperability operation modes.

Robert Liu

Dear clark5l1fa,

Yes, DRIVE AGX support interoperability between the versions when E3550 is connecting to A1 versions you mentioned of the 88Q2112 PHY through E3550’s HSD connectors, the firmware on the A1 side has to run in “A0 mode”.