NVIDIA Drive AGX HSD Port J14 does not connect to Velodyne Lidar through Channel-A


I am testing the connection between my AGX board and my Velodynes Lidars. I was able to connect using both, Channels A abd B (of the dual channel dongle) using the ports J12 and J21 (both I assume to be 1 Gbps according to the documentation I found). However, when I try to use J14, the Channel-A does not connect to my Velodyne, I can’t even ping the lidar.

When I connect the host PC on the J14 Channel-A, this connection works, but the difference I noticed is that the link LED on the RJ45 becomes green. Could someone help me to understand this behavior?


We verified your issue by reproducing in on our own.

Please go ahead and open a bug via the partners portal, thanks.