NVIDIA DRIVE PX2 MAX9286 I2C Hardware Interface Info

i’m trying to bringup a new type carmer using px2 and img_cc.
There i meet some difficulty with the MAX9286 i2c interface . The drive px2 has the i2c interface info as picture 1.

i. i want to know the i2c-7 (I2C-H)(Group A)we configured with MAX9286 i2c interface as picture 2 ,is that right? And what do the functions of the other I2c buses,eg i2c-3 Tegra i2c hv adapter, which has relation to the camera?

ii. MAX9286 device address 0x90 , the i2c-7 of drive px2 i2c interface with MAX9286, we can not find the address 0x90 as picture 3 —so whether the px2 make the address mapping? How can i find the device address of MAX9286 (0x90) and change it?

Please give me some advice and some pieses of guidance.

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Dear @pobo10,
Could you please post your query using business email for better support.

ok,got it