nvidia drive version installation doesn't start.


I’m trying to install nvidia drive version However, the installation doesn’t show any progress after I click next and accept the terms. I have Ubuntu 16.04. I added a screenshot of the screen. The JetPack log, I found in ~/NVIDIA/Drive/5050bL_SDK/_installer/ is that.

11-22 11:46:28.3 E: fopen failed with file local.db, errno = 2
11-22 11:46:28.7 W: One invalid entry
11-22 11:46:28.7 W: One invalid entry
11-22 11:46:28.7 W: One invalid entry
11-22 11:46:28.7 W: One invalid entry
11-22 11:46:28.8 W: One invalid entry
11-22 11:46:37.6 N: Install com.nvidia.docs.devtools; Install com.nvidia.v4l.foundation_7z.sdk; Install com.nvidia.v4l.gnutoolchains; Install com.nvidia.v4l.foundation; Install com.nvidia.v4l.foundation_oss; Install com.nvidia.v4l.p2379specific; Install com.nvidia.v4l.7z.sdk; Install com.nvidia.v4l.drive; Install com.nvidia.v4l.dpx; Install com.nvidia.v4l.dpx.patch; Install com.nvidia.v4l.aurix_firmware_updater; Install com.nvidia.cuda.host 9.0; Install com.nvidia.cuda.target 9.0; Install com.nvidia.gie.target 3.0; Install com.nvidia.driveworks.target 0.6; Install com.nvidia.cudnn.host 7.0; Install com.nvidia.gie.host 3.0; Install com.nvidia.gie.cross 3.0; Install com.nvidia.driveworks.host 0.6; Install com.nvidia.driveworks.host_x86_cross 0.6; Install com.nvidia.nvtools.battle 2.5; Install com.nvidia.nvtools.quadd.drivepx 3.9; Install com.nvidia.nvtools.perfworks 0.46; Install com.nvidia.v4l.flash_tegra_A; Install com.nvidia.v4l.flash_tegra_B; Install com.nvidia.v4l.flash_dual_tegras;

I’m following the instructions and I added exec permission to the run file. I’m also checking the size of download folder but there is no change. How can I solve this issue?


Dear mert.colak,

We had post new SDK( on developer site for DPX2.
You can update new SDK via SDK manager tool.
Can I know why do you want to install the old version? Thanks.

Hi SteveNV,

Our algorithms are using the old SDK. I started the .run file in silent mode and for now it is downloading.