Nvidia driver 361.28 causes xserver screen to shift to the right of the screen

Any driver installed in ubuntu 15.10 more recent then series 352 causes the screen to shift to the right.

Link to the log generated by the nvidia bug report tool
Screen shot of the bug in x
Pastebins of xorg file
With 352 driver (no bug works perfect) - http://pastebin.com/20GCZGft
With 361 driver (shifted screen bug) - http://pastebin.com/SZijwWHA

Things i did to bypass this that did not work
Buy a new gpu (this started with a 750ti now still bugs on a 960 gtx)
Change VGA cable
Try other distributions - this happens on ubuntu 15.10 and linux mate rosa
Change kernel - this issue replicates regardless of kernel version
Use the monitor settings program to shift the screen back to the left - only moves half of the required space needed to fit the screen perfectly.
Use the monitor auto-adjust button - does nothing

Regressing to driver 352 fixes the issue, drivers 355 358 and 361 are afected with this bug.

The monitor im using is a asus-vw222s-lcd-monitor with a single vga plug, im using the bundled dvi vga adapter to make the connection, i tried changing the adapter to a hdmi to vga adapter, the bug replicates on that adapter as well.

Afected resolutions are

Edit: Nevermind.

Yes, 361 is broke dk. Don’t bother with it until Nvidia decides to locate their butt with both hands.

thats exactly my problem starting from 355 up

Folks, we need to play by nvidia rules,otherwize they wont listen.

open a bug report using this instructions in this forum


open up https://nvidia-submit.custhelp.com/app/utils/login_form/redirect/ask and click on “submit a bug” button - and you will be able to fill out a form that will get a dev from nvidia to take a look.

I apreciate everyone with this problem opens a bug report here and in the site, the nvidia dev guy is telling me this is my monitor problem and they cant help because they dont have my monitor model and they cant replicate the error, clearly this is not a single brand monitor issue as ive seen tons of people posting this bug on all kinds of monitors so lets all show them that this is not a 1 guy monitor bug but a bigger issue that should not be ignored.

This is a facebook post i started regarding this issue in linux europe and there is a techie there trying to help work around this bug, very usefull if you dont know how to generate logs


So if you have this bug participate, and help us tear down this wall so nvidia decides this is a issue too big to be dismissed.