NVIDIA Driver 416,78 1 Nov 2018 Quadro P600 on Windows 10 64-bit latest 1809 fails error code 3 subcode 7

NVIDIA Driver 416,78 1 Nov 2018 Quadro P600 on very latest Windows 10 64-bit latest 1809 fails error code 3 subcode 7

and thus fails to run latest Furmark tests starts 1920 x 1080 test but runs only part way, different each time.

Also get random Windows BSOD kmode_exception_not_handles that may be related.

Suggestions welcome.

Hi paul83x1,

Is there a particular reason for using a Quadro New Feature driver? You can try using the latest Optimal Driver for Enterprise (driver version 411.95).

Could you also provide the following information:

  1. CPU type
  2. System memory
  3. Display type
  4. Repro steps to produce error

Ryan Park

I understood (perhaps wrongly) that the Quadro New Feature driver 416.78 was suited to Windows 10 latest version 1809 (this year’s fall major update from 1803).

I will try your suggestion of 411.95 and report back with more info if this does not stop the intermittent BSODs.

thanks Paul

I have tried your suggested Optimal Driver for Enterprise (driver version 411.95) with idential results. For example, trying to run the AMD Master CPU test program fails intermittently at startup and always during running sometimes after minutes of operation.

I have installed on old AMD 5450 card to check that other parts of the system are not causing trouble, and so far this is working as expected. I will report further.

it would be nice to know WHAT the NVIDIA OpenGL error message

“error code 3 subcode 7”

means - hopefully more than just “Something went wrong” ;-)

But thanks for suggestion so far.

The Optimal Driver for Enterprise is more suited for the older Quadro cards.

Which previous driver versions worked before you started observing this error?

Ryan Park

Thanks for taking an interest in my problem.

I started with 416.78 QNF which looked the most recent (and likely to work best with very latest Windows 1809).

But I have since tried other video card, both AMD 5450 and Nvidia GT 720 and none of them work reliably, with hangs and random BSODs a few a day, so I have been trying to trace the cause. A 24 hours memory test passed OK and a CPU stress test runs for an hour at a steady 50 C, suggesting that it is a software rather than a hardware issue.

Running a test video on repeat only lasted an hour before a hang.

I note the the motherboard tool AMD Master does not run at all with the Quadro card, and only for a short time with the other cards.

In all, I am less suspecting video card drivers (though past experience has been that they are always No 1 suspect).

Suggestions stil welcome.

I have now updated AMD chipset drivers, Bios and nvidia driver to 412.16 3 Jan 2019.

This ran overnight with a passmark monitor test on loop, but BSOD system service fault? in later use.

But suggests that MTBF is improved (previously about 3 hours, now perhaps 8 hours?)

I have also tried to install Ubuntu to see if that runs OK (I want a dual boot eventually to test Boost C++ code for compiler and platform portability). Sadly the Live Ubuntu Install USB stick does not work (just hangs with a blank screen), probably because it has not got a driver to suit my video card.

So I am still unsure where the problem(s?) lie.