Nvidia-driver-470: driver does not load on Ubuntu 20.04

I can’t find the mistake in my installation. nvidia-smi gives “No devices were found”.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (178.2 KB)

I think your title is incorrect. The Driver itself is loading, but it cannot find any GPU devices.

I am having the same issue on Ubuntu 18.04:

I’m having the same problem on Ubuntu 20.04 too, did you manage to solve it? How?

I got it working by purging all nvidia related packages, installing “nvidia-driver-470” and disabling secure boot in MOK before boot (I think that was the problem after all)

sudo apt purge *nvidia*
sudo apt purge '^nvidia-.*'
sudo apt purge '^libnvidia-.*'
sudo apt purge '^cuda-.*'
sudo apt-get install nvidia-driver-470
sudo reboot